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Helpful tips about your stripped item


After initial stripping, your door may have polyfilla, decorators caulk or congealed paint in the corners of the panels and mouldings, we can remove with stronger chemical for extra cost.  Removal should only be undertaken when the door is dry and can be removed using an old screwdriver to scrape it out.   If any of the joints have separated, you will need to apply a polyurethane adhesive to the joint and clamp.   


The item will now require to be sanded, again ensure it is thoroughly dry.  The amount of sanding varies considerably, sometimes the item will require very little sanding, others may need a lot of attention.  A second light sand of the surface and apply a coat of traditional wax or oil.


Please appreciate that although we make every effort to return your item/door to your satisfaction, it may not look like new after stripping and you may have to deal with some problems.

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